The Mission of the Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center (GBMRC) is to increase awareness and provide opportunities to celebrate, promote and support cultural diversity within our community.

The GBMRC acts as a clearing house for information on multicultural and diversity issues. It provides support and resources for individuals, schools, social service organizations and other Vermont and government supported programs. The GBMRC provides a wide range of services:

  • Schedule speakers on topics of particular interest to the ethnic communities
  • Host exhibits of ethnic art and other achievements
  • Create a resource of literature including children’s books that promote educational programs at local learning institutions in areas of interest to ethnic groups
  • Establish a mailing list and resource data file to ethnic peoples and their organizations
  • Publish a community newsletter/calendar to inform residents of Burlington about programs and activities of interest to them and which would also help to recognize and establish the ethnic community as a resource
  • Offer space for meetings to groups with specialized social and cultural interests
  • Provide a point of contact between members of various ethnic groups and Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Create a network of Attorneys who are sensitive to people of ethnic heritage