Dr. Fayneese Miller

Diversity Women’s Conference
Hilton Hotel
Burlington, Vermont


The conference will explore the challenges and possibilities that women face in the workplace today, the global challenges of gender, politics, education and the community. The conference will also seek to explore the leadership roles that women exercise as they seek to empower themselves and their communities. The speakers will include leading public intellectuals and scholars conversant with the status of women and women’s public vision.


8:00  Registration
9:00  Opening Keynote

  • Dr. Fayneese Miller

9:30  Women in Education

  • Dr. Joan Fobbs-Wilson
  • Dr. Carole Christensen

10:15  Break
10:25  Women in Government

  • Secretary Deb Markowitz

11:20  Women in Leadership

  • Mrs. Gretchen Morse

11:40  Open Forum
12:00  Lunch
1:00  Women and Domestic Violence

  • Ms. Rose Pulliam

1:25  Women and Sexual Trafficking

  • Dr. Penny Shtull

1:50  Women as Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered in the Workplace
2:20  Open Forum
2:45  Break
3:00  Closing Remarks TBA